Personal Injury

Excel Solicitors & Advocates handles a wide array of claims for personal injury and associated losses arising out of the negligence of another party.
As a small sized firm we are able to provide a level of service that other larger law firms can not. We are not set up to deal with large volumes of cases which means we can afford our clients more of a tailored service.
We pride ourselves on being able to take on cases which are not always straight forward and which require a greater level of application.
In a constantly evolving legislative and regulatory environment we offer flexible, adaptable and a highly cost-effective service for our PI clients.
Claimant Services


Although personal injury law is complicated, with the help of our personal injury solicitors the process of making a claim will be  straightforward.


All possible avenues are exhausted to resolve issues in dispute between Claimants and insurers

We offer a free initial consultation and will be able to tell you if you have a justifiable claim.


We will be on your side in dealings with third party companies to ensure that your individual circumstances are fully considered and your case properly put forward. Our solicitors have experience dealing in complex claims involving catastrophic injuries which include extensive financial loss claims. 

We cover all areas of tort law/negligence including claims arising from , accidents at work or in public places, slips and trips,

  • road traffic accidents (RTA claims)

  • accidents at work or in public places

  • slips and trips (EL/PL/OL claims)

  • defective product claims,

  • holiday or foreign jurisdiction accidents

  • industrial disease claims

  • Criminal Injuries compensation

  • medical/clinical negligence claims

  • catastrophic injury claims

Defendant Services


Excel Solicitors & Advocates provides detailed and thorough advice on a full range of personal injury legal issues

Targeted strategies are a key part of our case handling in this area. We employ sophisticated data analysis tools to understand the tactics used by ‘problem’ claimants and develop ‘end-to-end’ responses in conjunction with our clients to defeat frivolous claims.

We can help defend small, large and multi-party personal injury claims. We can provide swift and effective recommendations at all stages of a claim, including on-site investigation, dealing with the appropriate authorities to handling county court proceedings. We can also provide training and regulatory advice tailored for your needs.

Further details on our consultancy services can be found here -

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