Court representation & Legal Drafting
Excel Solicitors & Advocates provides a local advocacy service to clients who require representation at hearings in courts across the North West of England.
Bookings outside of this area will be considered so please contact us and we will try our level best to accommodate any such request.
Solicitor/Advocate bookings can be made online through our online booking page or you can email contact our office by calling 0161 401 4009
We accept instructions in a range of civil matters including;
  • County Court/Family Court Hearings

    • Civil Litigation - general application hearings

    • Personal Injury - interlocutory applications, interim hearings

    • Private Law/Children Applications

    • Possession/Housing related hearings

    • Enforcement hearings

    • Insolvency hearings

    • Costs hearings

    • Case management, directions hearings, pre-hearing reviews

  • Coroner's Court Hearings 

    • Inquest opening

    • Pre-inquest review hearings

  • Drafting Pleadings

  • Advice on Liability/Quantum

  • Clerking services

For details of our pricing structure, please see our fixed fee price list by clicking the button below which provides a detailed breakdown of the types of hearings we cover and the average cost of any advocacy you may wish to instruct us in relation to. 
Every Advocate has a Law Degree, the BVC, BPTC, LPC or FILEX qualification and has completed our own assessment and training programme. 

Advocacy in Chambers

Open Court Advocacy

Advice on Liability/ Quantum


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