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Family Law

Excel Solicitors & Advocates' Family department offers a sympathetic and confidential service in relation to all of your private, family related legal issues.
Our friendly, professional and experienced staff will endeavour to help you through what can be a difficult and stressful period in your life.
We are experts in alternative dispute resolution, mediation and collaborative law and will work with you to achieve your desired outcome with respect to any private family law matter.
The core areas we cover are listed here -
Please note, in order for solicitors to undertake legal aid work, they have to have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency. Excel Solicitors & Advocates has no such contract and accordingly we cannot take on legal aid cases. We do however offer high quality advice & representation on a privately funded basis at competitive rates. Please contact us today to find out more.

Private Child work


We specialise in acting for children, parents and family members in disputes where parents are separated and there are problems in facilitating contact or a dispute as to where the child should reside.

When a married or civil partnered couple separate, agreeing on how their children are going to be cared for can be one of the most challenging aspects of the divorce/dissolution process. In many cases parents are able to agree on a joint custody arrangement by which they share child care equally. However this type of arrangement is not always feasible or even desirable and the courts can be asked to make a decision on behalf of the parents if they are unable to reach one amicably. We are able to advise on the following and help you in the process of obtaining at outcome which ultimately, is at the core of the child's best interest.

  1. Child Arrangement Orders - Residence/Contact

  2. Parental Responsibility

  3. Co-parenting arrangements

  4. Permission to Relocate Abroad with a Child (“Leave to Remove”)


Stalking and harassment is often both a crime and a civil wrong.

Our family solicitors will be able to offer you advice on the best ways to protect you from future harm; there may also be compensation, which you can claim for injuries you suffered in the past.

How the Law can Help:

  1. Non-Molestation Order - If the perpetrator is an ex or current partner or close relative then this order will help prevent the perpetrator from harassing or assaulting you in the future.

  2. Injunctions - If the person stalking you is not related by any family connection, you could consider an injunction. This orders the perpetrator to do or not do certain acts.

  3. Occupation Orders – If appropriate, a court can issue orders that can exclude your partner from your home, or allow you back into the home if you have been excluded.



We understand the sensitive nature of Family proceedings, especially when children are concerned, and we make a concerted effort to provide solutions that reduce the strain on all parties that are involved.

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A Divorce is the formal end of a marriage and it requires specific steps to be taken correctly to be achieved. The civil partnership alternative to Divorce is known as Dissolution and follows the same procedure. Get the paperwork wrong and you could fail to obtain a Divorce or Dissolution. Even worse, you could find yourself having to pay any costs incurred by your future ex.

We take a non-adversarial approach where appropriate and encourage ADR as a means of resolving common disputes following the breakdown of a relationship. If however, this is not possible then we are well equipped to deal with any litigation necessary to achieve our client's desired outcome. We are committed and passionate about helping you through your relationship break-up whatever the circumstances might be.


What are the grounds for Divorce/Dissolution?


There is only one ground of divorce/dissolution, namely irretrievable breakdown of marriage/partnership. This must be shown by proving one of the following facts:

*Adultery (not for dissolution) *Unreasonable behaviour *Desertion for 2 years *Separation: 2 years by consent *Separation: 5 years without consent        

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Of these only adultery and unreasonable behaviour are regarded as "fault based" grounds, however when it comes to dealing with the finances and the arrangements for the children, the reason for the Divorce or Dissolution is generally irrelevant.

Most Divorces and Dissolutions are dealt with by consent. This means both parties accept the marriage/civil partnership is over and they are going through the procedure to have this confirmed. Unfortunately there are some cases which may require some form of intervention from the Court. 


We offer a fixed fee service on all Divorces/Dissolutions not requiring court hearings (and most do not).