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Our solicitors exercise the powers of a Commissioner for Oaths and can provide affidavits at your home or place of work.
We are not a rubber stamping exercise and our careful authentication is the key to our services which enables relevant governmental/official agencies as well as foreign lawyers to trust that anything that has been certified and legalised in this country can be relied upon.
Our fee's are fixed for this service and we offer a mobile service for clients in the local area. If you need a document certifying then please send your requests in writing by emailing us at solutions@excelsolicitors.co.uk or by completing our contact form.
"We provide a mobile service and can usually be on site within 24 hours, quite often the very same day."
Whatever document services you are looking for, we can assist with:
  • Legalisation of documents by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and by consulates and embassies in the UK

  • Authentication of the contents and/or execution of documents such as powers of attorney for use overseas

  • Taking Declarations, Affidavits, Oaths and acknowledgements

    • We are authorised to administer oaths and to take declarations. Affidavits are used for the purpose of giving written evidence in judicial proceedings. Where the execution of deeds or other facts has to be proved otherwise than in court, the proof may be made by means of a statutory declaration. We can advise on the correct form of affidavit or statutory declaration for particular purposes and, if necessary, draw these up for our clients.

  • Certification of originals or copies of original documents such as academic, professional qualifications, passports and marital status

  • Witnessing the opening of tenders, Bond and Debenture operations and share issue ballots

  • Acting as Agency for Service of Process

    • Overseas parties to contracts governed by English law are often required to have an address within England and Wales at which legal process may be served. For a one-off fee, we will act as agent for service of process for foreign parties to English-law contracts. Please send an email to solutions@excelsolicitors.co.uk if you would like to appoint us as agent for service of process.


Copies of documents that can be certified include:

  • passports

  • photocard driving licences

  • letters from a government department

  • bank/building society or credit card statements

  • gas, electricity or council tax bills

  • letters from a hospital/doctor

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