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Legal Services




  • Solicitor Service:

- Targeted and candid legal advice on all legal issues covering personal injury, family, civil disputes, including but not limited to any matters which involve court proceedings.

- The progression of claims from start to finish for personal injury, landlord/tenant, family, private child care matters.

- Mobile certification of documents. Our solicitors will attend at your property to certify documents.

  • Advocacy Service:

- Representation at County Courts, Coroner's Court, Tribunals for a wide range of hearings.




Our clients include law firms, insurance companies, local authorities.

  • Consultancy Service:

- Locum Solicitors available on demand to cover a wide range of legal issues. Our solicitors will pick up existing caseloads and progress them for you.

- Auditing and review of complex personal injury cases.

- Advice on liability and quantum in all types of personal injury cases.

- A 'Litigation support service' providing targeted and tactical recommendations in complex, civil cases which may include allegations of fraud.

  • Advocacy Service:

- Representation at County Courts, Coroner's Court, Tribunals or paper-based advocacy in the form of legal drafting.

Practice Areas

Advocacy & Court representation

Personal Injury/Serious Injury


Clinical Negligence

Employer/Public Liability Claims

Civil Litigation/Arbitration

Family Law

Document services

Landlord/Tenant disputes

Insurance Fraud

Human Rights

Risk Management solutions

Litigation Support solutions


Our Vision

The provision of skilled legal advice, the resolution of disputes and compliance with the law are the reasons for our existence as an organisation.


At Excel Solicitors & Advocates we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients who can be assured of expert representation by lawyers that will fearlessly fight their corner while advocating the importance of finding alternative means of resolving disputes, where appropriate.

Our overriding objective is to provide clear solutions to legal problems which precisely reflect the needs of our clients both professional and lay. 

We offer fully qualified, enthusiastic, diligent, outcome-focused, subject matter experts with drive, determination and an upfront passion for the law, the protection of rights and the administration of justice.

Our Values


INTEGRITY – We lead by example in all we do. We set the highest goals of honesty and ethics.


TRANSPARENCY - Clear, unhindered honesty in the way that we do business: open and competitive pricing structures.

ACCESS - We believe everyone deserves easy access to justice.

SERVICE –  Our work is handled promptly and efficiently.


EXCELLENCE – Our work reflects our best efforts, nothing less.


TEAMWORK – You are our client. We know that to achieve your goals, we need to operate as a team. The best results are only achieved in such a manner.

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0161 401 4009

Excel Solicitors & Advocates

Suite 80, 792 Wilmslow Road,



M20 6UG



"Empowering  our clients  in an ever challenging legal landscape."

...a proud provider of innovative legal solutions

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